Contrary to popular belief, holding a certain position in the political arena is not an easy task at all. If you want to pursue a political career, you must be prepared for the physical, mental and emotional tasks required by the job. Sometimes, you will be forced to give up precious time with the family, spend holidays and vacations in the office, forego the usual Thanksgiving Dinner, make do with less sleep and other activities that are normally done by the ordinary individual. This goes to show that having great power means having great responsibilities. This does not only ring true for Spiderman, but for a politician as well – most especially the Mayor.

The Duties of the Mayor

Each city has a Mayor, and that person has various functions to fulfill. The Mayor acts as a city’s go-to person thus, having a keen sense of leadership, excellent decision-making skills and a heart for service really helps a lot. Some duties and responsibilities associated with the position are a result of tradition which dates back 200 years ago. However, each city has some laws specific to them – the implementation of which depends on the Mayor, as well.

Some of the duties of the Mayor include the following:

  • The implementation of laws governing the City. The Mayor’s signature should appear in permits and licenses that are being enforced. This goes to show that the Mayor could grant or reject activities, businesses and the like which require the Mayor’s approval.
  • The Mayor is responsible for keeping peace within the City. It is the Mayor’s responsibility to ensure that the streets are safe for everyone in the community in order to attract visitors and boost the city’s income. The Mayor closely supervises the work of firemen and policemen in order to make sure that crimes are controlled.
  • The Mayor should make sure that he/she is regularly up-to-date with the operations involving the smooth functioning of the City. The Mayor is constantly communicating with supervisors and officers of each department, managing the day by day operations of the city, and planning out strategies which could benefit the city in the long run.
  • The Mayor is expected to come up with legislative actions, make recommendations and provide information needed by the members of the Council in making sound decisions affecting the city.
  • The Mayor is expected to address the city once a year to inform the residents of the developments as well as on-going and future projects for the city.

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